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New ESEA waiver guidance

December 1, 2014

An article titled, New ESEA waiver guidance will sink schools where all boats are rising, questions the wisdom of new NCLB waiver guidelines. The author, Michael Petrilli, challenges the recent changes that would make it more Read More…



How Important are School Superintendents

October 29, 2014

A report by the Brown Center on Education Policy released in September 2014 finds that school superintendents are around for only a short time and have very little impact when it comes to improving student performance.  Read More…



Can Traditional Public Schools Replicate Successful Charter Models

September 25, 2014

This op-ed piece by Daniel Willingham examines recent research conducted by Roland Fryer. The study, Injecting Charter School Best Practices into Traditional Public Schools: Evidence from Field Experiments, reviews attempts to implement in public schools the lessons that Fryer learned about what makes effective charter schools (Dobbie & Fryer, 2011). The study concluded that the interventions did not produce significant improvement in student performance.

Willingham’s article makes several very critical observations. The first is the importance of disseminating results of studies that fail to produce the projected effects. This is fundamental to a vibrant evidence-based model of education: understanding what works and, equally important, what does not work. Unfortunately, educators and universities do not place the same value on negative results as on positive results. Willingham makes this point when he asks the critical questions, what went wrong and why did the study fail to arrive at the hypothesized results? Too often, educators reject a practice out of hand as a consequence of a particular study when the important lesson might lie elsewhere, perhaps in a poorly designed practice or a failure to implement the practice as designed.



The Critical Role Replication Plays In Research

September 5, 2014

A recently published study on replication of research in education, “Facts Are More Important Than Novelty: Replication in the Education Sciences” finds that as few as 0.13 percentage of journal studies are were replications. Read More…



Savage Controversies August 2014

August 7, 2014

The Evidence-based Practices Special Interest Group (SIG) August 2014 newsletter, “Savage Controversies” has arrived. The SIG, a special interest group of the Association for Behavior Read More…