About Student Research


The Wing Institute provides funding for graduate students who are interested in doing research in the area of evidence-based education. 

The purpose of the initiative is to:

  • promote new research in areas of evidence-based education
  • promote new research across disciplines
  • encourage graduate students to focus their future professional work in this subject area
  • disseminate research findings for application in "real world" settings, further bridging the gap between research and practice

Application link: Research Grant Application

Application instructions: Grant Instructions

Year Research Title View More
2020 Research Grant Results

Using Peer Supports to Improve Positive-to-Negative Teacher/Student Interaction Ratios by Novice Teachers - Karen Robbie

View more details
2019 Research Grant Results State Department of Education Support for Implementation Issues Faced by School Districts during the Curriculum Adoption Process -  Kristen R. Rolf View more details
2018 Research Grant Results 

Practice-Based Professional Development: Building Teacher Knowledge, Skills, and Self-Efficacy for Teaching Fractions to Students with Disabilities - Malynda Tolbert

View more details
2017 Research Grant Results

Evaluating a Multimedia Professional Development Package for Improving Implementation of Evidence-Based Instructional Practices - John Elwood Romig

View more details
2016 Research Grant Results Restructuring Environmental Contingencies and Enhancing Self-Managed Supervision - Laura Kern View more details
2015 Research Grant Results Professional Development in Practice: Improving Novice Teachers’ Use of Evidence-based Classroom Management Practices - Shanna Eisner Hirsch View more details
2014 Research Grant Results Descriptive Analysis of Coaching in Implementation of Evidence-based Practices - Michelle Massar View more details
2013 Research Grant Results Effects of Behavioral Skills Training & Instructional Coaching on Teachers' Implementation of Evidence Based Practices - Mary Sawyer View more details
2012 Research Grant Results Supporting Teachers' Professional Development: Investigating the Impact of a Targeted Intervention on Teachers' Presentation of Opportunities to Respond - Ashley S. MacSuga-Gage View more details
2011 Research Grant Results Effects Of A Problem Solving Team Intervention On The Problem- Solving Process: Improving Concept Knowledge, Implementation Integrity, And Student Outcomes - Cara Anne Vaccarello View more details
2010 Research Grant Results Mental Health Screening within a Tiered Model: Investigation of a Brief Strength-Based Approach - Natalie Romer Enrulat View more details
2009 Research Grant Results Transporting an Evidence-Based School Engagement Intervention to Practice: Outcomes and Barriers to Implementation - Christina Pankow View more details
2009 Research Grant Results A Multi-level Investigation of Teacher Instructional Practices and the Use of the Responsive Classroom Curriculum - Benjamin Solomon View more details
2009 Research Grant Results Preparing Teachers to Train Parents in the Use of Evidence-based Tutoring Strategies for Reading Fluency - Sara Kupzyk View more details
2008 Research Grant Results The outcome of this research is to decrease problem behaviors and increase appropriate behaviors in the classroom in order to increase overall academic and behavior success. Secondly, the study wishes to answer the question of the efficacy the FBA process as an intervention in early childhood. - Kristy Lee Park View more details
2007 Research Grant Results An Experimental Analysis of the Treatment Validity of the Social Skills Deficit Model for At-Risk Adolescents - Ramón B. Barreras View more details