Why Science Majors Change Their Minds

November 15, 2011

Why Science Majors Change Their MindsĀ 

Much has been written of falling test scores in math and science placing American students behind their international peers. President Obama has made it a priority for colleges to increase the number of students graduating with degrees in the hard sciences: science, technology, engineering and math. In recent years progress has been made increasing interest in a career in science and math for K-12 and college freshman. Unfortunately, research suggests that up to 40% of college students leave the fields of science and math for other majors or simply fail to complete their degree. This number increases to over 60% when pre-med students are added into the equation. This rate is well over the drop out rate for other college majors. The article, Why Science Majors Change Their Minds (Its Just So Hard) looks at possible reasons for this striking phenomenon.