Predatory Journals: How do you to know whom to trust?

September 6, 2017

Beall’s List of Predatory Journals and Publishers

This news item offers a list of questionable, scholarly open-access publishers. In an era in which we are bombarded with volumes of research, it becomes ever more challenging to decide which journals and publishers are reputable. This web site reviews, assesses, and provides guidelines on how to decide which are trustworthy, whether you want to submit articles, serve as an editor, or serve on an editorial board. The web site provides a list that mostly consists of open access journals, although, a few non-open access publishers whose practices match those of predatory publishers have been added to the list.

Citation: Beall, J. (2012). Predatory publishers are corrupting open access. Nature, 489(7415), 179.

Web Site: Beall’s List of Predatory Journals and Publishers