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California High School Exit Exam Results

May 1, 2009

Study: Effects of the California High School Exit Exam on Student Persistence, Achievement, and Graduation, Reardon, S., Atteberry, A, Arshan, N, Kurlaender, M (2009)

The research was funded by a grant from the James Irvine Foundation and the Institute for Research on Educational Policy and Practice at Stanford University.

The paper investigates the results of the implementation of California’s High School Graduation Exam. The research examines the effects of the exam on student achievement, drop out data, and graduation rates from four large school districts. The study found no positive effect on achievement, minimal negative to zero effect on student persistence in high school, and significant negative effects on graduation rates.

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Graduate Research Grants 2009 RFP

April 30, 2009

The Wing Institute is launching a new initiative to provide funding for graduate students who are interested in doing research in the area of evidence-based education. Read More…



Wing Institute Anthology Book Review

February 20, 2009

Book Review of the Wing Institute Anthology (Advances in Evidence-Based Education: A Roadmap to Evidence-Based Education): Koji Takeshima Education and Treatment of Children – Volume 32, Number 1, February 2009, pp. 178-183
West Virginia University Press



An Evaluation of Teachers Trained Through Different Routes to Certification

February 20, 2009

The report, An Evaluation of Teachers Trained Through Different Routes to Certification, compares the achievement of elementary school students in the same grade, at the same school who were randomly assigned to teachers who chose to be trained through different routes to certification – traditional education school routes and alternative routes. The evaluation found that students of teachers who chose to enter teaching through an alternative route did not perform statistically different from students of teachers who chose a traditional route to teaching. This finding was the same for teachers coming from those programs that required comparatively many as well as few hours of coursework; however, among those teachers who reported taking coursework while teaching, their students performed lower than their counterparts.

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