How valid are curriculum-based measures?

February 25, 2019

Meta-Analysis of Criterion Validity for Curriculum-Based Measurement in Written Language.  A shout out to one of the Wing Institute’s past student grant recipients, John Romig. A recent study in which he was the lead author, looks at valid measures of student progress as critical tools in effective and efficient progress monitoring. One of the most frequently adopted instruments is curriculum-based measures. Curriculum-based measures (CBM) have been used to assess student progress in reading, arithmetic, spelling, and writing. For CBM to be widely embraced these tools should meet standards for reliability and validity. This study examines the technical adequacy of curriculum-based measures for written language, one of the critical skills required for student success in school. The study concludes two scoring procedures, correct word sequences and correct minus incorrect sequences met criterion validity with commercially developed and state or locally developed criterion assessments. 

Citation: Romig, J. E., Therrien, W. J., & Lloyd, J. W. (2017). Meta-analysis of criterion validity for curriculum-based measurement in written language. The Journal of Special Education, 51(2), 72-82.