2010 Wing Award

October 30, 2009

2010 Ernie Wing Award for Excellence in Evidence-based Education

Hill M. Walker

 Receive the 2010 Ernie Wing Award
for Excellence in Evidence-based Education

Hill M. Walker, Ph.D. received the prestigious 2010 Ernie Wing Award for Excellence in Evidence-based Education at the Wing Institute’s Fifth Annual Summit on Evidence-based Education.  The award was in recognition of his lifetime achievements in the research, development and advocacy of evidence-based solutions for children with behavior disorders

Dr. Walker has been very influential in the field of Behavior Disorders, playing a significant role in defining how problems are addressed.  He was one of the first to apply a public health service model to children’s social emotional development.  He has written extensively on the need to use evidence-based interventions to address to social and academic development of children, becoming an outspoken advocate of relying on empirical evidence to guide conduct rather than ideology and turf wars.  In addition to his overall contributions, Dr. Walker:

Developed the Systematic Screening of Behavior Disorders (SSBD)–an empirical approach to identifying those students who are at risk for behavior disorders.  The SSBD is very widely used in both practice and research.

Developed First Step to Success, which has been empirically validated through rigorous research as an effective approach for improving the social behavior of early elementary grade students.

Dr. Walker is currently the Co-Director of the Institute for Violence and Destructive Behavior, and Co-Editor of Interventions for Academic and Behavior Problems–one of the most influential works in the field of school psychology.

The Ernie Wing Award, given annually by the Wing Institute, was named after Ernie Wing, an educator and special education advocate who championed the cause of evidence-based education in California.  The award honors excellence in one or more of the critical areas necessary to build an evidence-based culture: efficacy research, effectiveness research, implementation, and progress monitoring.  Nominations are accepted from the Wing Institute’s knowledge network, an inter-disciplinary group of education stakeholders from across the nation.

The Wing Institute is a non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting evidence-based education.  Its goal is to be a “catalyst” supporting individuals and organizations engaged in evidence-based education across disciplines, geographic regions, and in “real” world settings.  It offers professional forums, an information clearinghouse, research, publications and a knowledge network.