Student Research 2007

2007 Research Grant Results

Name: Ramón B. Barreras

Research Proposal: The primary purpose of the present is study is to evaluate the treatment validity of the social skill-deficit model for the development and implementation of Social Skills Training (SST) for adolescents who are at-risk for developing emotional and/or behavioral disorders (EBD). The hypothesis is that the social skill-deficit model will lead to improved social skills and decreases in competing problem behaviors that will be maintained long after the intervention has been terminated. In addition, such findings will further enhance and contribute to the extant literature regarding the most effective methodology to assess and deliver SST.

Hypothesis or Questions:

  1. Is a non-skill deficit based social skills training package an effective intervention for adolescent students at-risk for EBD?
  2. Is social skills training more effective when matched to the type of social skill deficit (e.g., acquisition versus performance deficit) than a non-skill deficit based social skills training package?
  3. Are the hypotheses regarding students social skills deficits (acquisition and performance), as determined by the Social Skills Rating System (SSRS), confirmed through a functional behavioral assessment?
  4. Does social skills training based on the social-skill deficit model lead to generalized and maintained performance for students?

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