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Developing principals as instructional leaders

This paper describes a continuous learning model of principal and superintendent support. The model places a premium on engagement at all levels of the system on shaping a focused culture of instruction within their schools.

Fink, E., & Resnick, L. B. (2001). Developing principals as instructional leaders. Phi Delta Kappan, 82(8), 598-610.

School Superintendents: Vital or Irrelevant?
A report by the Brown Center on Education Policy released in September 2014 finds that school superintendents are around for only a short time and have very little impact when it comes to improving student performance.
Chingos, M. M., Whitehurst, G. J. R., & Lindquist, K. M. (2014). School Superintendents: Vital or Irrelevant?. Brown Center on Education Policy at the Brookings Institute. Retrieved October 21, 2014 from
Leadership for learning: a research-based model and taxonomy of behaviors, 2007
In this article, the authors examine leadership for effective learning employing research on highly productive schools and districts and high-performing principals and superintendents.
Murphy, J., Elliott, S. N., Goldring, E., & Porter, A. C. (2007). Leadership for learning: a research-based model and taxonomy of behaviors 1. School Leadership and Management, 27(2), 179-201.
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