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All individuals can learn and lead productive

lives when provided the proper learning environment - responsibility for learning rests with those teaching and not those learning.

Quality education must:

address the needs of all students, regardless of ability, race, gender, or socio-economic background.

focus on education policies and practices that are efficacious (have the potential to work, proven by rigorous scientific research) and effective (actually do work in a practical setting given all the social and environmental factors influencing that setting).

facilitate the translation of information, interventions, and outcomes from research to practice - resulting in effective application of proven interventions at the classroom level.

be based on scientific research that is rigorous, transparent, and current.

Scientific research and evidence-based education

are required to accomplish measurable school reforms -- professional opinion alone is not adequate for evaluating the effectiveness of educational policies and practices.

Evidence-based education must include efficacy and effectiveness research, implementation strategies, and ongoing progress monitoring to be effective.

Vision, training, resources, and support are essential to implement effective education interventions -- school accountability alone is inadequate.

Applied behavior analysis provides a scientific framework for designing, implementing, and evaluating education policies and practices.

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