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Department of Education approves waivers to NCLB requirements.

Congress failure to reauthorize NCLB since 2007 has placed the nations schools in a precarious position. Education Secretary Arne Duncan told Congress that the department of education estimates that 82 percent of America's schools could fail to meet education goals set by No Child Left Behind this year. About 38,000 of 100,000 public schools fell short of their test-score targets last year, and Mr. Duncan predicts this will rise to 80,000. The law, as written, provides numerous ways for schools to miss annual targets.  If schools fail to meet the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), aimed at making all students 100 percent proficient in reading or language arts and math by 2014, they risk being labeled as a failed school. The failure to meet the standards can result serious consequences including loss of funding and ultimately the termination of a schools entire staff. Duncan is recommending changes to the law to allow flexibility in measuring schools progress. In a major change in education policy, Duncan has agreed to authorize waivers to the standards to avoid harsh penalties mandated under current legislation.

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