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New Website Allows Consumers to Evaluate the Performance of U.S. Four-Year Colleges

The United States, once number one in rankings of individuals obtaining a college degree, is now ranked 12th in the world. This cannot be surprising as less than 60% of students entering a four-year program will graduate with degree within six years. By most measures post secondary education is not meeting the expectations of consumers, officials at higher education institutions and in government. , a joint project between The American Institutes of Research (AIR) and Matrix Knowledge Group, is an interactive website evaluating the performance of four-year public and private colleges and universities in the United States. The website provides data for seven outcome measures, including graduation rates, first-year retention rates, education-related cost per student, cost per degree, student loan default rates, and the ratio of student loan payments to earnings for recent graduates. Users can evaluate the performance of a specific college or university and to compare performance across the 1,576 colleges.


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